Gay Supporter of the Week: Carol Samaha

“Let them talk about whatever they want
Let them complain about whatever they want
I’m not afraid
I do whatever I feel like doing
And what’s in my heart is on the tip of my tongue”

Those are the lyrics from Lebanese singer Carole Samaha’s song “Ma Bkhaf”, meaning “I’m Not Afraid”.

In the video, you can see the different characters that represent different people in our society:

gays, senior citizens, kids, Arab homies, Africans, boys with big Afros, bald ‘jagalozos’, women of different shapes and sizes.

I love Carole because her work clearly promotes tolerance and acceptance.

I wish more artists in the Arab world would do the same.

Watch the clip from Carole to get an idea of what I’m talkin about. You won’t be disappointed.


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