The Incredible Ligo

“I want to wait to have sex until I’m married.”

“Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it!”

“I don’t like defining myself. I just am.”

“I love dancing! I love it so much.”

“When I’m in relationships, I love spending time with my boyfriend. But I can’t spend all my time with that person. A lot of my girlfriends see their boyfriends every day. I’m like “How do you know that?” Is there something wrong with me? I need my space and time to myself. I’m weird I guess.”

“It’s more exciting when you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I know not everyone will like me, but this is who I am so if you don’t like it, tough!”

“I don’t think anyone can give you advice when you’ve got a broken heart.”

“Onstage I’m the happiest person in the world.”

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3rd Anniversary of Blackout: Best Britney Album of All Time


Blackout: The Best Britney Album of All Time


You may know 2007 as the year when Britney:

– shaved her head

– went to rehab

– lost physical custody of her children

– performed a less than stellar performance of Gimme More at the VMA’s


2007 was also the year when Britney released the best album of her career: Blackout.

The album received great critical acclaim so it’s weird as to how it was Britney’s lowest seller (3.1 million worldwide ain’t so bad, though).

3 years have passed and Blackout is more relevant now than it was in 2007.

Listen to Gimme More, Freakshow (my favorite track off the album), Ooh Ooh Baby, Piece of Me (if that’s not robot-fucking, I donno what is), Toy Soldier, and you’ll understand why.

Akh…talkin about Blackout makes me fuckin pumped up!

Love you Miss Bad Media Karma. Give us another classic like Gimme More!

I don’t want another fuckin “Circus”. Gimme another “Blackout” (without the insanely fucked up album cover).

Can’t Watch the Video Music Awards…yet again!

It’s been like 4 years that I can’t watch the annual Video Music Awards because my cable provider doesn’t supply us with MTV. Fuckin ass.

So I guess it’s another year without watching the show.

Oh well…Britney won’t be attending OR performing, so I have nothing to miss anyway.

Except that I was lookin forward to see Taylor Swift debut a new song she wrote about Kanye West, after the fucked up shit he did to her last year (LMFAO).

"Sorry Taylor. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of alll time"- Kanye

And Thank Jesus for Gaga. She’s a performer. At least that’s something worth watching. (“Telephone” for Video Of the Year!!!)

Let’s not forget Chelsea Handler…she makes me laugh out loud everytime I watch her show. So am sure she’ll be hilarious.

But Oh baby baby…I do miss the VMA’s glory days…when Britney would perform.

Bitch better perform next year!

Flashback to 2003 where I watched my first VMAs ever cause I knew Britney would open the show…but I never thought she would be part of one of the most iconic performances of our generation.

Can't believe it's been 7 years since THE KISS!

Britney: A Sex Icon @ 17

Britney's first magazine cover.She was 17.

Britney and David LaChapelle (photographer) both say they knew the photo would cause a bit of commotion, but they figured it was worth it.

“I said to her, ‘You don’t want to be buttoned up, like Debbie Gibson,’ ” LaChapelle recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s push it further and do this whole Lolita thing.’ She got it. She knew it would get people talking and excited.”

Spears proved, even then, that she was going to take charge of crafting her own image. One night while they were shooting, LaChapelle says, Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, walked in at 2 a.m. to find her posing in her bra and panties. Rudolph demanded to know what was going on. “Britney said, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable,’ ” says the photographer.

“At first I felt betrayed. But as soon as Larry walked out, Britney said, ‘Lock the door’ and unbuttoned her shirt wide open.”


“Holy roller religious people made such a big deal about that photo and I didn’t really get it. That’s the way I’ve always been, and I thought that photo was a good representation of who I really am” – Britney

Article from RollingStone “50th Anniversary Of Rock” issue

Will & Grace

Will & Grace cast

If you’re not familiar with “Will and Grace”, a show about Will (gay lawyer), Grace (interior designer and Will’s best friend), Karen (a rich socialite who’s never sober), and Jack (a flamboyantly gay struggling actor/singer/dancer/fill in an occupation), you should be.

During its run from 1998 till 2006, the show won 16 Emmys, and made it easier for other “gay-themed” shows to air in the U.S.

I never get bored from watchin this show. Karen has to be my favorite character! She is unruly, disrespectful, obscene, a bad mother, and an unapologetic alcoholic!!

Here’s a classic episode where Jack likes a guy (played by How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris) . But the guy Jack likes is now a straight “ex-gay” man trying to convert Jack to straight. You gotta love Jack & Karen in this one!

Many celebrities have guest-starred on the show: Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone, Glenn Close, Cher, Janet Jackson, and many many more.

Here’s Britney’s cameo appearance on the show (2006). She plays Amber Louise, a conservative Christian & “hardcore lesbian” who becomes Jack’s  sidekick on his talk show.

My first post goes out to the legendary Miss Spears…


Holy Britney!

An entertainer.
A train wreck.
A gay icon.
A mother.
A teen dream.
A talented recording artist.
An entertainer.
A snake lovin, Madonna-kissin crazy-ass muh’fucka.
A legend.

…It’s Britney Bitch!

Here’s one of Brit’s most iconic performances at the 2001 Video Music Awards: