3rd Anniversary of Blackout: Best Britney Album of All Time


Blackout: The Best Britney Album of All Time


You may know 2007 as the year when Britney:

– shaved her head

– went to rehab

– lost physical custody of her children

– performed a less than stellar performance of Gimme More at the VMA’s


2007 was also the year when Britney released the best album of her career: Blackout.

The album received great critical acclaim so it’s weird as to how it was Britney’s lowest seller (3.1 million worldwide ain’t so bad, though).

3 years have passed and Blackout is more relevant now than it was in 2007.

Listen to Gimme More, Freakshow (my favorite track off the album), Ooh Ooh Baby, Piece of Me (if that’s not robot-fucking, I donno what is), Toy Soldier, and you’ll understand why.

Akh…talkin about Blackout makes me fuckin pumped up!

Love you Miss Bad Media Karma. Give us another classic like Gimme More!

I don’t want another fuckin “Circus”. Gimme another “Blackout” (without the insanely fucked up album cover).