Destroying Beirut

Time Magazine (August 16, 1982)

On August 16, 1982, Beirut was on the cover of Time Magazine because it was getting bombed by the Israeli military.

On August 16, 2010, I feel like this haunting image could come back to life as we speak.

The Lebanese haven’t learned.

The so called “leaders of our country” sure haven’t learned.

And when people don’t learn from their mistakes, they easily go back to that haunting image on the Time cover.

Just don’t let Beirut pay for your stupid fucked up mistakes.

It has suffered enough.

Peace out.

Have Mercy on Beirut

Tearing down old buildings to create space for…

No, no. I take it back. Let me try this again.

Tearing down seasoned, vintage, traditional, iconic, “Lebanese” buildings to create space for…parking space?! Seriously?! And if it’s not a parking space, it’s most probably a butt-ugly high-rise building.

Such a shame.

I took a picture of this beautiful abandoned house in Hamra (Beirut) on Jean D’arc Street in March. “They” had already started to demolish the roof at that time. Take a look at the “after” shot I took yesterday. Wow…really sexy! 😀


Glad to see that tree is still surviving though. Surprisingly enough, the green space wasn’t bothering “them”.

Houses which are a symbol to Lebanese heritage are getting teared down everyday, and the exact opposite should happen. They should be preserved, renewed, and if abandoned, they should become museums. We don’t have a lot of those over here, you know.

I just wish the government would start regulating the bulldozing of these houses before Beirut ends up being a city only famous for its modern high-rise buildings. There’s more to Beirut than that.