Bechara El Raii is a Gay Hit!

Did you know that when you Google:

– “Bechara El Raii Lebanon”, you get 87,800 results

– “Bechara El Raii Beirut”, you get 80,400 results

Those are good numbers.


When you google:

“Bechara El Raii gay”, you get 122,000 results

– “Bechara El Raii homosexuality”, you get 115,000 results

Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Bechara El Raii

Mr. El Raii…

You obviously have a lot in common with gay people than you think!

Let’s join forces & spread love & tolerance. What do you say?

We’re hot & we bring in some great numbers! Isn’t that what matters these days?

Heck, we might even overlook that liiiittle thing you said about gays being “abnormal and a disease”.

Shu hobb?! Still not convinced?

Okay, Did you know that when you google:

– “Bechara El Raii peacemaker”, you get 21,700 results

But when you google:

– “Bechara El Raii homophobe”, you get 23,200 results

Ay. Ay. Ay.

You gotta get your act together Mister.

ps: My offer still stands