Bad men to avoid: the man from abroad

So there’s this Lebanese guy who doesn’t live in Lebanon.

He comes to Lebanon for the summer and for the holidays.

You agree to go out on a date with him “as friends” cause you don’t wanna get attached and have the long distance dilemma.

Well, what do you know? You do like him! But you don’t kiss. You don’t have sex. And… he travels.

You don’t see him for a year, but you constantly chat online!

He always tells you he misses you, and that he can’t wait to see you when he comes.

After he lands in Beirut, the fucker doesn’t call you, doesn’t message you.

Then one night, you see him at a gay club.

He introduces you to his blond model arm candy, smirks at you and says: “I’ll call you”.

He’s a bad bad man.

He doesn’t call.

He won’t call.

Eh…la ayreh!

I mean…ayrak.