I Love Mohamad Sibai

Mohamad Sibai, an AUB student who wrote an anti-gay piece for his university student newspaper, is receiving huge backlash from gays and gay supporters on Twitter and Facebook. Some calling him names, some bullying him, some demanding an apology, some blaming the newspaper and claiming it should never have published the piece in the first place.


Is Mohamad Sibai a homophobe?


Is he a bigot?


Is he misinformed?


Is he ignorant?


Does he have the right to say what he wants to say?


Am I happy that he wrote what he wrote?


Do I love Mohamad Sibai?

99%. I would love him a bit more if he improved his English/writing skills.

Here are some highlights from Mohamad’s piece.

Typo (I hope). If you see two guys holding hands and you shit your pants, you’re not sexist. You’re an AUB student. I should not have to explain to you what sexist means. Fuck. My. LIFE.

Typo (I hope). I think you mean HOMOsexual marriage. There is no SEXUAL marriages. Just sexless ones.

Typo (I’m sure). It’s “weren’t”. And you not considering gay people in protests to be human? Epic.

You should have given a reason for your claim. English. Writing. 101. “Because all gay people want to fuck anything that moves” would have been a good cause for your claim.

Something tells me your cable doesn’t give you CNN. Oh, it does? Watch it.

Because ALL people believe in God? Presumptuous and Irresponsible.

What does Leb have to do with Russia? Homosexuality is also punishable in Lebanon as well. Penal Code 534? Research. Research. Fuck. My. Life. Oh and quoting Yakov Smirnoff? Really? He’s a comedian and he was probably being sarcastic.

Homosexuality sensationalized to the max. Now I know what I’m gonna name my memoir.

I’m not against publishing this piece in a university newspaper. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But it would’ve been better if you fixed the typos I told you about, did your research, didn’t quote the Bible and instead quoted some gay people in AUB. But I guess they were holding hands with each other when you approached them.

I love you Mohamad Sibai because you’re just a kid who shared his raw opinion, which is exactly the opinion of the majority of the people in this country. You just had the balls to speak up. (Even though you’re wrong).

I love you because I have that much love to give to someone who has some growing up to do.

I love you because you showed me just how much support the gay community has from straight people online!

I love you because thanks to you, more gay people will be encouraged to start their own blogs and let you know what being gay is all about! It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m sorry the rest of your uni days will never be the same again.

I know I’m sarcastic and I joke a lot. But now I’m serious. I’m extremely sorry for you.

You’ll always be known as “the guy who wrote that stupid unedited gay article”.

You became known for something you hate.

And that…is no joke.