A High Power

“I’m not religious at all. I think faith is something that gives you strength. I believe in fate and I believe that things happen for a reason, but I don’t think that there’s a high power, necessarily. I believe in karma very much though.”

– Amy Winehouse

_ _ _


Rock on, Amy Winehouse.

Was just 2 days ago, me and my best friend were in the car.

We hadn’t listened to Winehouse in a long time, so we started singing ‘Back to Black’ & ‘You Know I’m No Good’ acapella.

We loved these songs back then, so we were pissed we couldn’t remember the lyrics.

A lyric from Back to Black, one of the greatest albums of my generation, is poignant now more than ever:

“Life is like a pipe, and I’m a tiny penny rollin up the walls inside”

Gettin chills listening to the album right now.

Amy might be gone but she’ll forever live through her art.

Rock on…