Gay Myth #4: All gay men are into pop culture.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art - by Andy Warhol

“John Mayor is such a dick for dumpin Jennifer Aniston.

Just watched Gaga’s Telephone video. One word: epic!

Enno ma32oul the Grammy nominations were announced & Ke$ha didn’t get a single nod?? FAIL!

For real, though. Did O.J. REALLY do it?”

There are some stuff that a lot of gay men care and talk about.

But not every gay man out there knows who O.J. is  (that’s  O.J. Simpson if you’re wondering).

Pop culture and celebrity mean a lot to many people. Celebrity tabloids. The paparazzi. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry! When an ambulance rushes Britney to the hospital & Paris Hilton is taken to jail, CNN stops whatever it’s airing and covers these stories as Breaking News. They sell! But…

Not ALL gay men care about pop culture!

Not all gay men watch E! News at 5 pm everyday, Fashion Police at 4:30 pm on Sat, & Oprah at 7 pm from Sat to Wed.

And that rocks!

It’s exciting when my boyfriend doesn’t know shit about pop culture! That way, he’ll introduce me to his world, and I’ll introduce him to mine.

The first story I’ll tell him would be why the night I watched the 2003 VMAs live on MTV was one of the most memorable “pop culture” moments of my life.