MTV Shamelessly Outs Arrested Gay Men

So two gay men who were fooling around in the car in Ashrafieh got arrested for committing lewd acts in public.

BUT as if getting arrested for gay sex isn’t bad enough…

Now they’re being outed by MTV on its website! Their first and last name, (no none of that initials shit), their mothers’ names, and their date of birth, are all mentioned!

While MTV was at it, it should have also mentioned their blood types in case they need some emergency blood donation after bleeding to death when getting fucked by an egg in prison, don’t ya think?

I don’t get why MTV exposed the guys like that. Does it think it’s about journalistic integrity?

I mean, even the Lebanese Government didn’t mention the full names of the boys and instead opted to mention their names. And that’s the GOVERNMENT!

I just feel bad for those two boys. Everyone has sex in the car. They were just unlucky. And now you got this asshole on a news desk mentioning their mothers’ names. Like, what a freak.

Cinema Vendome (Ashrafieh) Demolished

What used to be Cinema Vendome (Mar Mekhayel, Ashrafieh)

When I was a kid, I would watch movies in Cinema Vendome in Mar Mekhayel (Ashrafieh). I remember watching Flubber (Robin Williams, 1997) there.

I didn’t even know the building was being teared down till it was gone…

It was an old and decayed building but could have been given a face-lift.

I wonder what’s gonna be built there but hope it’s not one of those fugly high-rise buildings.

Enshallah “they” build something that suits Ashrafieh’s vintage architecture.