Rules Not to Follow About T Shirt Printing

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If you’re looking to start t-shirt printing as a business, or just want to do some of your own t shirt printing, there are some basic rules to follow. But there are also some rules that can get in the way of making a great design and don’t work at all.

It might be appealing to use the cheapest printing technique

It might be appealing to use the cheapest printing technique. After all, you want to keep as much profit as possible on every design and order. However, this isn’t always the case. If you don’t have a good printer who knows how to handle your material and only use cheap materials like cotton, you can end up with shirts that are not durable and don’t hold their color well over time.

Designs that look great on paper may not transfer well onto t-shirts or any other garment because of their size or complexity. When it comes to design, less is more in fact too much detail can make it difficult for someone who isn’t familiar with your brand’s aesthetic to understand what they’re wearing!

People prefer their clothes to be in their original state

When you print t shirt, it’s important to keep in mind that the customer might not want your design. For example, if you’re printing a shirt, they may not want you to ruin their favorite shirt by printing on it. You should also avoid printing on something too small (because then the design will be hard to see) or too big (because then the customer won’t be able to wear it). When deciding what colors and patterns to use, remember that some people prefer their clothes in their original state.

You need a lot of space for a large print

You may have seen someone at the mall with a huge print on their shirt and thought it was cool, but you need to keep in mind that not all of us are models or bodybuilders. If you want a large print on your shirt, be sure that you have enough space left over for the person who will wear it. You should also consider what type of material you are using and how much space the print t shirt Hong Kong will take up when it is sewn onto your shirt. For example, if you plan on having a huge image printed directly onto the fabric rather than ironed or screen-printed onto an iron-on transfer (which would leave more room for air), then there won’t be much room for error!


Printing on t-shirts is no different to other forms of printing. It’s all about knowing what you want and then finding the best way to get it done. If you take the time to learn about what’s available, then creating your own designs will be a lot easier than you think.