Ghostbar Shut Down

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UPDATE: April 22, 2013

White Ghost (previously Ghostbar) has been shut down yet again.

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As for the news below, it was written on September 6, 2011:

Ya fette7 ya rezze2. It’s 9:10 am, and already things are getting exciting…but not in a good way.

Seems like the Lebanese government loves to hunt down gay clubs in September.

Remember how last year the government shut down Acid? Well apparently, Ghostbar has also been forced to close!

I found out about this news thanks to Roy & Big_Perto who both posted comments on the blog concerning this issue. So thanks a lot you guys.

It’s worthy to note that Acid & Ghostbar were run by the same management. Coincidence?

I’m getting sick of drawing a red X on gay club logos.

but here it goes…

Bye Bye Acid. w Bye Bye Ghostbar.

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UPDATE: (Afternoon of September 6, 2011)

I passed by and took pics of Ghostbar.

Was the first time I see the place.

It is indeed closed “bil sham3 el a7mar”.

According to the paper posted on the door, the decision to close the club was issued yesterday (September 5).

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Ghostbar Marketing Representative posted on my blog. According to him, the closure is not related to any gay issue, and the club will reopen this weekend.

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I dare you to take a look at Demi Lovato @ the 2011 VMA’s & have the balls to say “she looks ugly”.

Well some people are damn stupid.

After seeing Lovato on the red carpet @ this year’s VMAs, haters tweeted that her arms looked big and that she’s fat!

WTF!? THIS is fat? THiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiS is FAT??

It’s no secret the girl checked herself to rehab for an eating disorder.

Demi tweeted those haters back saying:

“Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t. :)”

Some people are just mean, MEAN, bullying bitches.

The girl looks fucking hot. Get a life.

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Top 10 VMA moments!

1- Gaga’s alter ego Jo Calderone opens the show!

I knew Gaga was gonna perform You & I, but I should have known she’s gonna come as a guy. Duhhh!

With Gaga, you never see it comin even when it’s so fuckin obvious.

Gaga later accepted the Best Female award dressed as a Male. Love it.


2- Adele puts some soul into the VMAs

She delivered a raw performance of Someone Like You.


3- Gaga & Britney ALMOST Kiss on stage

Jo Calderone leans in to kiss Britney but Brit giggles & says: “I’ve done that before”.

The Britney tribute was cute, but it’s Britney’s thank you speech that sucked dick.


4- Beyonce’s pregnant!

The word spread before the show that Bee’s expectin.

But it was confirmed when Beyonce ended her performance by rubbin her belly 😉


5- Amy Winehouse tribute

Bruno Mars delivers a joyful rendition of Valerie. =)


6- Gaga jerks off to Britney:

“She’s fuckin Britney Spears. Didn’t you jerk off to Britney when you were a kid?”


7- Katy Perry’s Firework wins Video of the Year

…with a fuckin cube on her head and a fugly dress on.

I rly wish i could burn what she’s wearin.


8- Chris Brown’s amazing fly-over-the-crowd performance


9- Jessie J sings the night away (literally)!

Jessie J was House Artist this year! She sang songs between commercials!

Cool pick for House Artist!


10- A fabulous performance by Beyonce!

She’s not dancin her ass off, but damn is she using those pipes!

She looks so happy =)

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w Kel VMA w ento bkheyr!

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IDAHO Poster Still Standing

Remember the IDAHO campaign we organized 3 months ago?

Well, this IDAHO poster is still standing (or hanging) in Sessine next to ABC.

Yes, they took out the website address from the corner, but our baby’s still standing.

Shu hal poster el mounadil! Nshalla b3omrak ma btesma3 3a2belak!

Jay. Loh. Is. HOTTE.

So Miss Lopez (the queen of plunging necklines) is single now!

Man, this woman is so fuckin hot.

Check her on the new Vanity Fair cover below.

In the interview she talks about her split with Marc Anthony:

“Sometimes it doesn’t work – and that’s sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love … it’s still my biggest dream.”

An eternal optimist. How cute.


Rock on, Amy Winehouse.

Was just 2 days ago, me and my best friend were in the car.

We hadn’t listened to Winehouse in a long time, so we started singing ‘Back to Black’ & ‘You Know I’m No Good’ acapella.

We loved these songs back then, so we were pissed we couldn’t remember the lyrics.

A lyric from Back to Black, one of the greatest albums of my generation, is poignant now more than ever:

“Life is like a pipe, and I’m a tiny penny rollin up the walls inside”

Gettin chills listening to the album right now.

Amy might be gone but she’ll forever live through her art.

Rock on…


Yo, Miss Lebanon.

Miss Lebanon 2011: Yara Khoury

So Yara Khoury’s the new Miss Lebanon…

Congrats girl.

Concerning your future projects…

Yes, caring for the elderly and picking up poor children from the street is cool and all, but you also have the chance to make a statement about gay rights.

It would be nice to see you make a difference and possibly meet up with the folks at Helem and Meem, and make them know they have your support.

Yalla, nshalla this year, a Miss Lebanon will be outspokenly gay friendly.


11 things that should be banned in Lebanon (list doesn’t include Born This Way)

People online are buzzing about Born This Way being banned in Lebanon.

“Offensive to Christianity”?

That’s so shameful, people! Censorship is so old school.

Update: the ban has been lifted. You can now ride the pony down the road to love.

But hey, things never make sense in Lebanon.

For example.

Mohammad Iskandar‘s sexist song is regularly played on the radio. (Lyrics: “Ne7na ma 3anna banat tetwazzaf bi shhadetha”, “we don’t have girls who get employed with their degrees”)

…while Lady Gaga‘s Judas is banned from the radio. (Lyrics: “Jesus is my virtue”)

Now that’s fuckery.

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If the Lebanese authorities insist, they should ban the following:

1)  The Censorship of the World Press Photo Exhibition:

Lebanese authorities ordered the removal of an Israeli photographer’s prize-winning work. The exhibition ended earlier than expected. Read more.

2) The chaos of Roumieh prison:

Original Capacity: 2,000 prisoners

Current prisoners: around 5,500

Read more.

3) Lebanese Penal Code 534:

Eat It. Lick It. Snort It. Fuck It. Abolish it.

4) Racist policies of Lebanese resorts (such as Sporting Club):

It’s unfortunate that the next PC party is taking place in Sporting Club. I would have loved to attend the party if it was taking place in another venue.

5) Politicians who divide, not unite:

6) Religious leaders who preach intolerance:

Such as Bechara el Raii, who is a gay hit, mind you.

7) Lebanese Armed Forces beating up gay men:

So two gay men were having sex in an abandoned building in Sessine? That doesn’t justify the way they were treated in this incident.

8 ) Less than stellar journalists going on air unprepared:

Case in point: Malek Maktabi. Need I say more?

9) Magazines that spread hate & intolerance:

Walaw? Look no further than gay bashing magazine Al Jaras.


10) Destroying traditional houses for parking space:

Have Mercy on Beirut. Click here.

11) People acting above the Law (such as Ketermaya incident):

Ketermaya villagers drag a rape suspect out of the police car, murder him on the street & hang him on an electricity pole.

Read more.


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ps: wrote this post listening to Born This Way. Suck on that, censors!

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The Egg Test + Transexuals + Penal Code 534 = IDAHO 2011

This year’s IDAHO event was a mix of seriousness & fun!

– Lebanese Penal Code 534:

Very helpful discussion. Many of us still don’t know how Penal Code 534 works. Attorney Sanaa Sadaka talked about the process of detaining someone who might “look gay” or someone who got snitched by a hater. She was so knowledgeable, gave real life examples & answered questions from the attendees. I’m so glad Helem got her to speak cause she knew what she was talking about.

Helem's Charbel Maydaa & Attorney Sadaka

– Homophobes & Supporters are outed:

Helem asked famous media personalities what they thought of homosexuality & if gays should be imprisoned. Tony Khalife & Randa El Murr got a lot of “boos” from us, while Hiyam Abou Shdeed, Ziad Noujeim, & Clauda Marshelian got the most applause for their support!

– International day against Homophobia AND TRANSPHOBIA:

The presentation by Simon, Social Worker, helped point out to many gays (who are transphobes themselves) that transexuals face one of the most fucked up forms of discrimination. A Q&A with Randa, a Male to Female transexual and Helem member, was a highlight!

Someone asked Randa: “Why do you refer to yourself as Trans woman as opposed to simply woman?

Randa answered: “Because I want people to know that I went through a lot to be a woman”.

– Stereotypes are fun?

In this case, they were. A short play made fun of stereotypes & gender roles forced upon straight & gay boys & girls. Very LMAO.

– Woah. I didn’t know that! :

Do you know what “Fa7s el Bayda” (Egg test) is? I sure didn’t! Apparently, it’s a medieval approach used in jail to see if a detained person is gay or not. Yep. They try inserting the egg into the guy’s ass to see if he’s gay. Seriously? Is this still used?

Do you know what “salbe” w “ijebe” was? lol. Ijebe is the top & the salbe is the bottom

– Venue: Excellent choice. Classy & neat.

– In conclusion: Not everyone is out and proud. I was hoping it would be more packed than it was. But hey, 3 years ago, it was me who was afraid to attend the IDAHO event. It all takes time…

Here’s to next year! 🙂