‘Stop Homophobia’ Graffiti in Beirut

In the wee hours of Monday morning, 2 Lebanese bloggers took to the streets to ‘stop hate’, the best way they know how: ART.

LM and Karim created this awesome graffiti in the Monot area (Petro Trad street next to USJ to be exact).

Go and check it out for yourself. Looks amazing.

While many people go out of their way to spread hate, ignorance, (fill in the paranthesis)-ism and (fill in the paranthesis)-phobia, it’s so refreshing to see what others can do to counter it, through art.

Really proud of you LM and Karim.

You gots balls and I’m inspayad!

Kat Graham: “I think I’m a drag queen”

Just when I thought Kat Graham (Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries) couldn’t get any hotter (have you SEEN the ‘graffiti’ video?), she goes on to express her love to the gay community!

In a new interview with The Advocate, Kat says:

“I think I’m a drag queen and if somebody says I look like one, you don’t understand that you’re giving me a compliment because that’s where I live, that’s where my music flourishes and grows. My ideas grow from the gay community. That’s where I live mentally.”

“My best audience and where I’m happiest is in the gay community. That’s where I feel the most accepted. It’s a community that appreciates pop culture like no other. For me, that’s where I’m home and I always want to come home.”

– Kat Graham

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Now I Donno Who I Like More…Peeta or Hutcherson.

“One day I want my son to come home from school and say ‘I found this guy and I love him’ and I’ll say, ‘Yes you do and that’s OK.”

Josh Hutcherson acceptance speech; GLAAD Vanguard award (April 2012)

_ _ _

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Lebanese LGBT Blogs On The Rise

Two years ago, I stumbled upon a gay Lebanese blog, Gay in Beirut, which inspired me to create my own blog.

So it excites me when I see Lebanese LGBT bloggers and activists who are putting their experiences out there for the world to see (or in this case, read). I know that will only encourage other Lebanese gay readers to be brave and make their voices heard.

Here are some (of many) Lebanese LGBT bloggers that I’m proud of. Thank you for blogging, for making a difference, and for giving hope to confused 14 year olds who are sitting in their room wondering if there are other people “like them”.

PS: Is there a Lebanese LGBT blogger not included in this list? Please do share their blog in the comments section!

1) George Azzi’s Blog

Author: George Azzi, co-founder of Lebanese gay rights group Helem

Blog: http://gazzi.wordpress.com/

2) Gay in Beirut

Authors: Two 20 smtg gay friends, GiB #1 & GiB #2

Blog: gayinbeirut.blogspot.com

3) Oh My Happiness

Author: Raja Farah, a “regular out gay, atheist, activist, pacifist Arab living in Beirut”

Blog: ohmyhappiness.com

4) The Man & The Seagull

Author: 16 year old gay Lebanese teenager in Beirut

Blog: themanandtheseagull.blogspot.com

5) Lebanon Rebel

Author: 22 year old lesbian (& Sagittarius) rebel

Blog: undiscoveredgirl.wordpress.com

6) Lord Gaytheist

Author: A Lebanese gay atheist

Blog: lord-gaytheist.blogspot.com

7) Lebanese Alien

Author: Gay Lebanese Alien who loves naked men as much as I do

Blog: lebanesealien.tumblr.com

8) Cz I Can’t Tell

Author: Gay Lebanese man in his mid twenties

Blog: czicanttell.blogspot.com

9) Le Bi

Author: Bisexual Lebanese guy

Blog: lebinon.blogspot.com

10) Fafa Thinks

Author: Lebanese lesbian, Little Monster, & Cünt Enthusiast

Blog: fafathinks.wordpress.com

11) Homos Libnani

Authors: Allouch & ZouZou, 2 gay best friends

Blog: homoslibnani.wordpress.com

Best & Worst Gay Tweets

There are some well-written tweets out there that spark a conversation about gay Lebanon or that show some support to the trans/homo/bi community!

Congrats to the three below tweeps for making it on the list!

(This in no way suggests that the tweeps are gay themselves or even gay supporters! For example, @JohnyFarrina could just be asking @HaririSaad if he agrees gays should be given equal  rights. It’s just a question, not a declaration of support.)

And now…to the bad tweets of the week…

Ay, ay, ay. People…

You should learn that “gay” isn’t an adjective you use when you want to imply something is “bad”.

And if you do, come on, you should know better.

Nonetheless, congrats for making it on the list!

(This in no way suggests that the below tweeps are straight or antigay. There are many gays out there who use the fucked up “that’s so gay” expression)

See you next Tuesday!


If you only knew how similar we actually are, you and I.

We both order the same meal at the same restaurant.

We both like fast cars.

We both laugh hysterically when our friend trips and falls on his face.

We both donate blood to a total stranger.

We both tutor our little brother in math.

We both have had our heart broken.

We both cry when our parent dies.

We both get sad when people die in an Ashrafieh building collapse.

So how are we different?

Because I go to bed with men and you go to bed with women?

Don’t judge me before you get to know me. We’re not that different, you and I.

Seedy or seedless, we both come from the same Calamanteen.

_ _ _ _ _

The fruit’s actually spelled Clementine, but “Calamanteen” is how we pronounce it in our household.

_ _ _ _ _


I wanna thank YOU for this amazing year.

You know who you are…

Gay and straight, you read my blog, commented, and showed your support 🙂

I got to share the Let Me In story with you. I went to the streets of Beirut for the IDAHO campaign with you. And I saw new gay Lebanese bloggers speak up! That was 2011.

Now let’s make 2012 another year worth remembering!

Stay tolerant. Stay safe. Stay sexy.


Majdi and Wajdi

Majdi & Wajdi

Majdi & Wajdi are two gay characters featured on a Lebanese comedy show.

They’re extremely stereotypical: feminine, promiscuous, demand big dick, & add the letters “s” and “z” when they talk (Hayatsy, Majdzi, Wajdzi).

Many people are against  featuring them on TV. The straight ones think it glorifies homosexuality and fear that their kids may become gay, while gays are against it because it shows them as feminine sex freaks.

But what really interests me is the people who find it funny.

You see, 2 weeks ago, I was watching TV with my family and “Majdi w Wajdi” got on (they were begging the prison guard to let them go to prison while they carried a bag of soap). I was laughing. My family was laughing. The average Lebanese viewer was laughing.

But were we all laughing at the same thing?

I was laughing WITH Majdi & Wajdi.

Everybody else was most probably laughing AT Majdi & Wajdi.

I’m gay and I get it. I have my feminine moments and talking in a girly way is a part of our gay culture. It’s not something bad. But when you take that small part and base your entire skit around it, you end up showing a one dimensional side of gays.

But at least the show’s keeping the conversation going.

Viewers love the actors Adel Karam and Abbas Chahine who play the characters, so the love and respect they have for those actors can indirectly translate to some likability for Majdi and Wajdi.

They even have a fag hag Tee Tee (pronounced Tsee Tsee) in the show who’s very supportive of her two gays, so that’s good. That shows the viewer that these gays have straight friends who don’t laugh AT them but listen to their problems (and boy drama).

So like it or not, Majdi and Wajdi are a part of Lebanese pop culture.

But at what price? Only time will tell…


Watch more Majdi w Wajdi videos here

Adam Levine talks sexuality, guys he fancies, gay brother

“A lot of people don’t want their kid to be gay and will fight it at all costs. But I’ve got news for you—it’s a losing fucking battle. The more you fight it, the more fucked-up your kid’s gonna be.”

“Antonio Banderas is gorgeous. Well, maybe not so much anymore. He peaked around Desperado. I mean, every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that’s a given.”

“I’m extremely comfortable in my sexuality, so I can think, ‘Oh, that’s a good-looking dude’. Acknowledging that someone’s attractive and wanting to fuck a dude are two different things.”

“I can single-handedly dispel any ideas that sexuality is acquired. Trust me, you’re born with it. My brother is gay, and we knew when he was two. We all knew.”

The Brothers Levine
Michael Levine

_ _

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Brad Pitt Isn’t Only Hot. He’s also…

a gay rights supporter!

Check out Brad’s many quotes about gay rights.

-When someone asked me why Angie and I don’t get married, I replied, ‘Maybe we’ll get married when it’s legal for everyone else.’

– They say gay marriage ruins families and hurts kids. Well, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my gay friends being parents and watching their kids grow up in a loving environment.

– It’s ridiculous that Prop 8 took away gay people’s right to marry! I have no understanding of that kind of hatred. Maybe it’s fear of difference or of the unknown. If you feel belittled, maybe you need someone else to belittle to feel powerful. It’s the only way I know how to explain it.

– You’ve got religion telling you what to think about homosexuality, about marriage. They say homosexuality is a choice, a lifestyle, something you can be cured of, and that isn’t true.

– Would it bother me if a child of mine turns out to be gay? No, not one bit. Listen, I want my kids to live the lives they want to live. I want them to be fulfilled. I hope I teach my kids to be who they really are.

_ _ _ _ _

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