If you know this girl, hit me up. We’ll party.


So there’s this girl who’s been uploading videos on Facebook, telling her friends how homosexuality is “a grave sin in God”.

And that’s fine.

I mean… she’s a homophobe. And that’s how a homophobe speaks. That’s not why I’m blogging about this.

I’m just concerned about her friends. At the end of one of her videos, she says: “Homosexual people do have a choice, big time. You can do something about it. You can do it on your own or you can use some help. And I offer free help“.

She’s offering free help! Ya mama! That’s why I’m blogging about this. I would hate for anyone to go to her for some help and guidance.

So if you’re this girl’s friend, coworker, or family member, who’s still figuring out things and sexuality, just know… it’s okay. You’re amazing just the way you are. Not just in a Bruno Mars kind of way. You don’t need a shrink. You don’t need her to “change” because you don’t NEED to “change”. Being gay is awesome. You don’t need to repent. You can still believe in God like some of my friends do, or not. Doesn’t matter. You’ll still be alright. Don’t go to her for guidance. Hit me up. We can go have a drink or party (yes, even if you’re underage. I’m not a regular boy. I’m a cool boy). I’ll tell you all about being gay. I’ll show you how it’s awesome. I’ll hook you up. It’s all good.

Check out the girl’s videos on Facebook below. They have funny moments. But they’re mostly sad. Oh, and you can watch her in HD.

Video 1: The grave, grave sin which is homosexuality

Video 2: Homosexuals are people in the image of God

Video 3: Homosexuals have a choice

Gays Win Big at the Social Media Awards

So…awesome news:

Yours truly is nominated for Blog of the Year and Best Personal Blog at this year’s Social Media Awards. If you wanna vote for me, that would be so cool of you.

I’m also very happy that my gay buddies have received nominations as well:

Homos Libnani for Best Personal Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog
Lebanese LGBT Monitor for Best News Blog
“I LUV U BUT” Series for Most Engaging Youtube Channel

The LGBTQ community IS an integral part of the Lebanese community. The homos ARE active on social media channels. The gays DESERVE to be represented at the Social Media Awards. And this is what the Awards are giving: recognition. That’s why I named this blog post “Gays Win Big at the Social Media Awards”. It’s not a prophecy. We’ve already won.

Big thank you goes out to the judges who rooted for us and made these nominations possible.

Now vote for your fucking gays and help us represent.

Vote here: http://www.smabeirut.com


Rihanna: Gay Assassin

“I’d love to be an assassin. Either that or a lesbian. Maybe both. Hey, a gay assassin, there’s nothing hotter than that. Megan Fox would play my girlfriend, hands down. She’s yummy. She’s hot.”

– Rihanna

_ _ _ _ _ _

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Coming Out @ Work. Good or Bad?

I’ve been going back and forth about this issue ever since I started working 3 years ago.

Should you come out at the workplace? Is it a good idea to come out to a coworker?

Yes, you have lunch with your coworker, you get along pretty well, she laughs at your jokes, you’ve added her on Facebook, and most importantly, you feel she’s open minded, but is it a good idea to come out to her?

What if she stops looking at you as that talented Marketing guy who’s good in English, and starts looking at you as that guy who takes it up the ass?

If a straight employee brags to his coworkers that he fucks chicks every night, he’s so macho. He’s the MAN. When a GAY employee simply says he’s gay, without bragging of any sexcapades, he’s immediately seen as that man who screams like a woman in bed (even IF he’s not a bottom).

But I’m so surprised at myself these days. It doesn’t bother me as much it used to. I feel more comfortable coming out to people, than ever before. (Wow. Being gay IS really a work in progress.)

So anyway, I came out to this coworker. She asked me over lunch about my dating life and I said I had a boyfriend last year. She was cool about it and didn’t flinch, which made me feel at ease. But still I can’t help but wonder if there’s a risk of her taking me LESS SERIOUSLY…PROFESSIONALLY… after knowing I was gay. Or is it all in my head?

_ _ _

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MTV Shamelessly Outs Arrested Gay Men

So two gay men who were fooling around in the car in Ashrafieh got arrested for committing lewd acts in public.

BUT as if getting arrested for gay sex isn’t bad enough…

Now they’re being outed by MTV on its website! Their first and last name, (no none of that initials shit), their mothers’ names, and their date of birth, are all mentioned!

While MTV was at it, it should have also mentioned their blood types in case they need some emergency blood donation after bleeding to death when getting fucked by an egg in prison, don’t ya think?

I don’t get why MTV exposed the guys like that. Does it think it’s about journalistic integrity?

I mean, even the Lebanese Government didn’t mention the full names of the boys and instead opted to mention their names. And that’s the GOVERNMENT!

I just feel bad for those two boys. Everyone has sex in the car. They were just unlucky. And now you got this asshole on a news desk mentioning their mothers’ names. Like, what a freak.

Elissa: “I’m Not Against Homosexuality”

Now THIS is what I call a GOOOOD morning!

Elissa, my favorite Lebanese singer, expressed her support for the gay community in a simple tweet.

And what do you know… she did it on May 17: IDAHO Day!

So proud of her cause, even though she has a HUGE traditional and conservative Arab following, she still expressed her opinion bravely.

Dude…you can’t BUY support like this! As Rihanna would say, it’s #MAJAH.

Hopefully, this will encourage other singers to do the same.

PS: Drop that album already!

#LebIdaho posters hit the streets of Beirut!

On Friday night yesterday, while other Lebanese peeps hit the clubs and puked their brains out on Beirut streets, my two friends and I (appropriately but coincidentally dressed in all black), hit the streets of Beirut for a different reason.

We posted flyers in Mar Mitr, Monot, and Hamra, to promote the LebIDAHO campaign (May 17: International Day Against Homophobia).

The posters, (sexy, sticky, and delicious) were the lovechild of us gay bloggers and our fabulous Art Director who are behind the LebIdaho website: http://www.lebidaho.com

Can’t wait till you check the flyers on the street and see what they say for yourselves! When you see one, how about you take a pic of it and send it to me so I publish it on the blog? 🙂

See you on the streets…Uncensor yourselves.

Here’s a sneak peak.