If you know this girl, hit me up. We’ll party.


So there’s this girl who’s been uploading videos on Facebook, telling her friends how homosexuality is “a grave sin in God”.

And that’s fine.

I mean… she’s a homophobe. And that’s how a homophobe speaks. That’s not why I’m blogging about this.

I’m just concerned about her friends. At the end of one of her videos, she says: “Homosexual people do have a choice, big time. You can do something about it. You can do it on your own or you can use some help. And I offer free help“.

She’s offering free help! Ya mama! That’s why I’m blogging about this. I would hate for anyone to go to her for some help and guidance.

So if you’re this girl’s friend, coworker, or family member, who’s still figuring out things and sexuality, just know… it’s okay. You’re amazing just the way you are. Not just in a Bruno Mars kind of way. You don’t need a shrink. You don’t need her to “change” because you don’t NEED to “change”. Being gay is awesome. You don’t need to repent. You can still believe in God like some of my friends do, or not. Doesn’t matter. You’ll still be alright. Don’t go to her for guidance. Hit me up. We can go have a drink or party (yes, even if you’re underage. I’m not a regular boy. I’m a cool boy). I’ll tell you all about being gay. I’ll show you how it’s awesome. I’ll hook you up. It’s all good.

Check out the girl’s videos on Facebook below. They have funny moments. But they’re mostly sad. Oh, and you can watch her in HD.

Video 1: The grave, grave sin which is homosexuality

Video 2: Homosexuals are people in the image of God

Video 3: Homosexuals have a choice

31 Going on 25.

When I was 13, I couldn’t wait to grow up.

Now that I did (in some ways), I kinda wish I didn’t.

I don’t wanna be the cliché. I don’t wanna say it’s scary to get older. Because really, it’s just a number.

That said, I just wanna stay 25 forever.

As I get older, my parents get older, my grandparents get older. It’s hard to see people you love grow old, wrinkly, and fragile. There are so many things we still didn’t do. We didn’t travel the world together. I didn’t buy my dad that car he always wanted. It’s true: time flies so quickly. I’m turning 26 in a couple of months, and maybe it’s not the number that scares me. Maybe it’s the reminder that there’s so much more to be done…as that damn clock keeps ticking.

So enough with the drama. Enough with me being a total cliché. 🙂

What’s up with grown ass gay men nagging about growing old?!


What’s up with grown ass gay men lying about their age?

You’re 31. Everyone knows you’re 31. All of the men you’ve slept with on Manjam know you’re 31. You’re sexy. You’re good looking. You don’t look 31. And yet you refuse to grow old and you lie about your age.

You have multiple profiles on multiple dating sites, each one showing a different age. On Manjam, you’re 31. On GayRomeo, you’re 25. Bitch, please. You were 25, SIX YEARS AGO.

I know I have yet to deal with growing up, but I would never lie about my age when I’m 31. Fuck that shit. I’d post a sexy pic of me and show these 25 year olds that they have nothing on this 31 year old hot piece of ass.

But at the same time, I kinda get it.

I hooked up with this 31 year old guy last month. Or so I thought.

During the date, he confessed that he’s way older than 31.

35? Nope.

37?!?! Nope.

He was 40. Which was absolutely shocking cause he didn’t look a day over 30. It was also shocking cause I had to admit to myself that I was wrong. I was wrong to judge people who lie about their age. Because, seriously… if that guy had told me he was 40 years old, I would have NEVER went out on a date with him or even chatted with him. I’m glad he lied. It was the best sex of my life.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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11 Signs That Scream “I Don’t Like You”

It’s really hard to tell if a guy likes you, isn’t it?

You buy self-help relationship books. You google “Is the guy I’m dating into me?”. You call your friend up at 2 a.m. asking for guy advice. All because you want to understand how a guy thinks. To know if he likes you. To understand what it means when he says “I’ll see you soon”. To decipher the ‘code’ when he puts his arms around your back during the date and says “thanks bro”.

But it’s time you knew that there is no code.

Men are simple.

Men are not complicated.

Neither am EYE.

So guys, if you ever date me, kindly remember the following 11 signs that scream “I don’t like you”.

I don’t like you when…

#1: I’m Not Replying to Your Manjam Message

You send your message again and again on dating sites. You send smileys, flowers, and dick pics. But I’m not interested. Get that.

#2: I see your picture and I Go Silent

We exchange emails/whatsapps and I see your picture. How can you expect to be with THIS when you look like THAT? I don’t have the heart to tell you you’re not my type. So I never reply. It’s not the horrible connection. It’s just that I don’t like you.

#3: When I Call You and You Never Hear From Me Again

I always do this to check if a guy has a feminine or manly voice. Eza khalis aw shedid 7alo. It’s not that I don’t like feminine boys. They’re my closest friends. But I never wanna fuck them. I like my men with a deep masculine voice. If after the phone call, I’m not BEGGING you to go out, I don’t like you.

#4: When I Say I Don’t Like You

Sometimes I have the guts to tell a guy he’s not my type. But even after I say so, some guys are just relentless and insist on chatting. Grow some dignity, bro.

#5: I’m Not Making Eye Contact

We’re at the club and you’re doing everything to get my attention. I’m not stupid. I can see it. But I’m not reacting because I don’t like you. Go away. If I like you, I’m dancing with you.

#6: I’m Not Asking You Out

If we’ve been chatting for a week and I’ve never asked you out, it’s not that I’m busy, it’s just that I don’t like you. If I liked you, I would do ANYTHING to meet you. Even if at 3 a.m.

#7: I’m Asking You Out

“Fuck, what did I just do?” is sometimes the first thing I ask myself after realizing how butt ugly my date is. So just because I did ask you out, it doesn’t mean I will again. Ever.

#8: I Don’t Fuck You

If you’re really my type and I like you, I would hint that we do it. I would hint that I’m good at giving head. I would hint that I’m horny. If after our date, you go home and jerk off in the bathroom instead of in my mouth, I don’t like you.

#9: I Fuck You

If I like you. I’m fucking you. But just because I’m fucking you, doesn’t necessarily mean I like you. I’ve slept with the most unattractive and fugly people…just because I was horny. It doesn’t mean I want anything more than getting a blowjob.

#10: If I Forget That I Have a Date

If I like you, I would never be late for our date. I would be there before you’re there looking like a million bucks. If you arrive at our date and I’m actually at home sleeping, it means I overslept, not JUST because I’m sleepy and tired, but also because I’m not interested enough and not nervous enough to stay awake to daydream about what you would look like in person.

#11: I’m Not Saying Good Morning

If I like you, you would be the first person I say hello to in the morning. If you’re always the one who’s starting the conversation, then I don’t want to chat. Because, say it with me…

I don’t like you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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If you only knew how similar we actually are, you and I.

We both order the same meal at the same restaurant.

We both like fast cars.

We both laugh hysterically when our friend trips and falls on his face.

We both donate blood to a total stranger.

We both tutor our little brother in math.

We both have had our heart broken.

We both cry when our parent dies.

We both get sad when people die in an Ashrafieh building collapse.

So how are we different?

Because I go to bed with men and you go to bed with women?

Don’t judge me before you get to know me. We’re not that different, you and I.

Seedy or seedless, we both come from the same Calamanteen.

_ _ _ _ _

The fruit’s actually spelled Clementine, but “Calamanteen” is how we pronounce it in our household.

_ _ _ _ _

Gay Myth #8: All Gays are Promiscuous

All Gays are Promiscuous.


There are gay men who sleep with at least 3 different men a week, and there are gay men who have only one sexual encounter every six months.

Not all gays are the same.

So a girl is a lesbian? Doesn’t mean she sleeps with every girl she goes out with.

Homosexuals are more promiscuous than heterosexuals.

WHAT? 3anjad? WRONG!

Just like there are many promiscuous straight women & men, there are also many promiscuous gay women & men.


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Gay Myth #7: Gays are pedophiles & molesters.

First of all, let’s differentiate between a pedophile & a child molester:

Pedophile: a person who has a sexual interest in children

Child molester: a person who actually engages in sexual activity with a child

Meaning, not all child molesters are pedophiles, and not all pedophiles act upon their sexual interest.


If you think your child isn’t safe around gays, I would like to barf all over your pretty little face.

Homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing!

There are child molesters who happen to be homosexual, just like there are child molesters who happen to be heterosexual, just like there are child molesters who like both young girls and boys.

So don’t equate being gay to being a molester.

To assume that if I carry your child then I will touch him inappropriately and sexually abuse him, is just…

say it with me…



Wanna read more about this topic?

Check this! =)

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Gay Myth #6: Gay men always have the hots for straight men

A gay guy & straight guy. They're Business partners, NOT lovers! Whataya know...

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m attracted to EVERY guy out there.

Some straight men have this delusion that if a gay man approaches them and talks to them, then this man wants to bone them.

Not true.

A gay man has a type, just like a straight man has a type.

Besides, even IF you’re straight and totally my type, it doesn’t mean I would be all over you and sneak in a kiss when you least expect it!

Don’t worry.

I like dick.

But I don’t fuck anything that has a phallus.

Yes, gay men can drink beer with straight men without some tongue action


Gay Myth #5: All lesbians are butch.


A common stereotype for gay women is that they’re butch.

When many people hear the word “lesbian”, they automatically picture a woman who doesn’t put make up, doesn’t wear girly clothes, and has a very deep voice.

But that’s not true.

There are lesbians who are girly, and there are lesbians who are very in touch with their masculine qualities.

– Some lesbians are very feminine girly girls who wear sexy dresses, put make up on, and wear lingerie.

– Other lesbians wear loose-fitting jeans, boxers, and don’t really care about make up.

It’s not necessary for a lesbian to be strictly this or that…strictly masculine or feminine.

People come in different shapes, sizes, and fashion statements 😛 

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Gay Myth #4: All gay men are into pop culture.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art - by Andy Warhol

“John Mayor is such a dick for dumpin Jennifer Aniston.

Just watched Gaga’s Telephone video. One word: epic!

Enno ma32oul the Grammy nominations were announced & Ke$ha didn’t get a single nod?? FAIL!

For real, though. Did O.J. REALLY do it?”

There are some stuff that a lot of gay men care and talk about.

But not every gay man out there knows who O.J. is  (that’s  O.J. Simpson if you’re wondering).

Pop culture and celebrity mean a lot to many people. Celebrity tabloids. The paparazzi. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry! When an ambulance rushes Britney to the hospital & Paris Hilton is taken to jail, CNN stops whatever it’s airing and covers these stories as Breaking News. They sell! But…

Not ALL gay men care about pop culture!

Not all gay men watch E! News at 5 pm everyday, Fashion Police at 4:30 pm on Sat, & Oprah at 7 pm from Sat to Wed.

And that rocks!

It’s exciting when my boyfriend doesn’t know shit about pop culture! That way, he’ll introduce me to his world, and I’ll introduce him to mine.

The first story I’ll tell him would be why the night I watched the 2003 VMAs live on MTV was one of the most memorable “pop culture” moments of my life.



Gay Myth #3: All gay men don’t play sports.

John Amaechi: gay NBA player

That’s not true. There are many gay athletes around.

Being gay doesn’t mean not playing basketball or football, or not following sports news.

Case in point: my gay friend who in the last World Cup was an England fan fanatic and watched every game at restaurants and pubs.


Whenever there’s kids playin football on the street, I walk quicker! I just don’t want that fuckin ball hittin me.

Oh and once I attended basketball practice at school just to impress a guy I liked! Needless to say, it was a one-night-basketball-stand. Damn, I must have really liked him to do that!

Point is: Not all gay men are afraid of the ball. So invite your gay friend to a basketball match. He might end up kicking your ass!

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