The One with the Cockring


Baby girl, I have nothing to say to him.

So I’m writing these words for you.

Your fiancé fucks guys on the side.

He’s been telling you you’re the main course, but you’re just the appetizer.

On the bright side, he had nothing but nice things to say about you. And you looked very beautiful in that engagement picture he showed me. You seemed happy, holding that bouquet, imagining what your life would look like.

Little do you know he gets his dick sucked every twice in a while.

“I’m getting married soon”, he said nonchalantly after coming on my chest.

I didn’t see that one coming, nor his cock ring.

“Ah, cool. Congrats!”, I replied. You know, cause I’m so open-minded and cool and all that.

Truthfully, it’s not cool at all, and no “Congratulations” is in order. In fact, it’s a “El 3awad bi slemtik” kind of situation.

Every day you spend married to him is a sad occasion.

Every time he skips family dinner and heads to his private office, we’ll mourn your innocence.

Every time you smell a different perfume on his shirt and think he changed his scent, a piece of your soul gets chipped away.

All because he would do anything to conform. Even ruining someone else’s life along the way.

El 3awad bi slemtik.

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