The Audition


How was the handshake?

Was it as firm as you like it to be?

When you first heard my voice, what did you think?

Effeminate? Manly? In-between?

Am I short? Tall? Is a 3-inch difference okay?

Am I your type? What you were hoping? Or do you not recognize me without the Instagram filters?

The perfume. A good choice? Momma always said you can never go wrong with CK.

What about the teeth? I ran out of whitening gel. Can you tell?

Do I put two elbows on the table in this fancy restaurant? I didn’t have time to tell you I was raised by wolves.

The nail-biting…

I know, I know. It’s awful.

But I remembered what you did for a living. “Creative Director”, yeah? Does that score me some points?

Do I laugh too loud? I did the pig snort. Were you embarrassed?

I excuse myself to go to the bathroom but pay the check instead.

Is it working?

Am I going home with you tonight?

Or is there a better prospect at 11 PM?

Our cheeks touch as we say goodbye.

Did you feel it? A skipped heartbeat. A hard on in the making.

Did you see it? A one-night stand? Two, tops?

Will there be another rendezvous? A callback?

Do you want some time to think about it?

Check the roles you have available.

Starring role. Supporting role. Guest appearance.

Is this it?

Is there more?

Or am I just ending up on the cutting room floor?

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