The ex of your ex is your next top


You weren’t supposed to hook up with my ex-man.

That wasn’t the plan.

I’m not saying he’s not hot enough. He is. And I’ve seen what he’s packing. (Congratulations)

But it was supposed to be you and I. And I know we’re not kids here… but “I saw you first”.

Yes, yes, we’re both bottoms, and I can’t fuck you worth a dime. But I’m pretty sure there have been worse plans made in this world, no?

Just one night.

Maybe after a drunken party at Decks.

Maybe after another accidental “Hey.Role?Place?” on Grindr.

Let’s make it happen.

It’s been two years in the making. And you don’t know what you’re missing. I give great head. I have a decent ass. And it helps that he’s always traveling.

If you want to wait till after you break up, that’s cool. But just a heads up… your stock might go down when you’re single again. You know how it is. It’s because I can’t have you now that I can’t help but want you.

Either way, “Grindr” me when you’ve moved on.

We’ll get a drink, or two, and share what we hate, or love, most about him.

You know what they say. The ex of an ex is your friend. And with the right amount of alcohol, your next top.

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