I Love PC

pc 2

Going to PC has become a ritual.

Each month…or every 3 weeks…there’s a new PC party with a new theme. Now I could give less shits about the theme (some recent ones were: Wonderland, Paparazzi and Celebrities, Phantoms of Comics, Pacific Cay), but what’s cool is that each time there’s a new location! From the Estral Theater (Hamra) and the Roger Mourkarzel Studio (Karantina) to the open-air Solea V in Sin El Fil, these locations keep things fresh!

The music is awesome. Mostly pop and commercial dance music. Unlike CUNXTSAT‘s monotonous house music that makes you wanna shoot yourself after the first 15 minutes, the music at PC Party allows you to get in the mood when you’re paying for your ticket. Yep, it’s kind of expensive if you think about it (50,000 Liras or $33) but for a party that’s well-organized, fun, wild, and with an open-bar, it’s worth paying that much every month.

The last PC-s have been epic for me and my friends. I’ve been taking my straight best friend with me and she’s getting lucky more than I am, even though I’m the one getting half-naked 30 minutes into the party! So that tells you something about the crowd: it’s not totally gay and it’s not totally straight. Straight girls can get lucky, and 17 year old hormonal straight guys can get the over-the-jeans action they dream of. And gay guys…oh those gay guys…can kiss three…four…five?…guys in one night. Blame it on the alcohol. Blame it on the music. Blame it on the sweat. It’s a sexy free-for-all.

People take their dressing up so seriously at PC…which I LOVE. It’s something that’s missing from the rest of the parties and clubs in Lebanon. It’s not about showing off the latest Aishti shirt you bought, the latest iPhone, or the latest nose job. It’s about putting on a show. Dressing up for the occasion. Having an outlet to express yourself. It’s not about showing off (when you wanna show off, you go to Bardo). PC is about showing your true colors and losing yourself in the music. A good party is about not remembering what you did the next day and have your friends remind you who you kissed. It’s about looking at your clothes and shoes the next day and think “How the FUCK did I get so dirty?”. In that sense, PC is a great party

Say what you want. It’s dirty. It’s sweaty. It’s animalistic. And it’s REAL.

Check out PC’s page here and meet me at their next event :).

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5 thoughts on “I Love PC

  1. basinbeirut March 4, 2013 / 6:44 pm

    I think this PC ( Alice in wonderland ) was the best PC I attended. Wish I had the chance to know who Beirut Boy is.

  2. hadyfakhry@gmail.com March 6, 2013 / 12:07 am

    Oh the “I’m the one getting half-naked 30 minutes into the party” was a huge hint 😉 :p

  3. LostBoy February 9, 2015 / 11:05 pm

    Guys!! Where do I see where the next party is? Did they stop doing them?

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