من وين بتلقطو؟

من وين بتلقطو؟ = Lebanese slang: “Where do you get lucky?”

So out of all the gay dating sites and apps … which one do you like most, and why?

Manjam? Gay Romeo? Gaydar? Grindr? Scruff? Dudes Nude?

What about Facebook & Twitter (big lol for Twitter).

And another question: Did you ever find a serious relationship on any of them?

good-guy-on-grindr-1 (1)



pic sources: 1 2 3

7 thoughts on “من وين بتلقطو؟

  1. Alloush February 1, 2013 / 12:30 am

    I’ve met two of my exes on manjam and one on twitter, very respectable people 🙂

  2. SamaSays February 1, 2013 / 6:26 pm

    I met my boyfriend of almost a year now on manjam. However, the relationship didn’t bloom until we stopped talking for a while on chat for a while, then we talked on the phone and got to know each other then met in person. Basically, we did get each other’s contacts from manjam but we ended up dating as if we met in a bar or something.

  3. Anonymous Leb February 1, 2013 / 11:49 pm

    I have no clue were to meet guys. I’ve never had a boyfriend.

    • BeirutBoy February 2, 2013 / 2:04 pm

      You should get ur feet wet…so to speak. Try these gay dating sites out. Or just go to a gay pub/club. Do u know where they’re located?

  4. Anonymous Leb February 3, 2013 / 12:04 am

    I don’t know much. I’m new to leb..been here for a year now. I just actually came back from bardo after going for the first time. I stayed for 5 minutes outside and left as I didn’t know anyone or what to do lol. Grindr sounds interesting I should get that app.

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