Top Sign He’s Straight: You Think He’s Gay.


Guess all of us gays are guilty of doing this: Seeing a guy and immediately going “yep, he’s gay”.

We don’t need to hear him talk.

He can be hangin out with a hot girl.

He can be wearin a “God created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve” t-shirt.

And yet, we’ll go “girl, you know he prefers going in Steve’s back door over Eve’s front door any day”.

I’m guilty of this. I mean, I do have a great gaydar, but sometimes I think everyone I see on the street is gay.

Like this co-worker at work. He’s not the manliest man. He doesn’t look that straight. His hobby is cooking. Not any type of cooking, but the type of cooking that involves adding every fancy schmancy French-sounding ingredient on earth to make a simple omelette. So immediately, I thought: “Gayer than Clay Aiken”.

Shift scene to a corporate trip, and he has a plus one. His fiance. I was… confused.

Seems to me that the line between gay and straight is blurring more and more. Good for humanity. Tricky for the gaydar.

It’s situations like these that remind me to let go of the gay stereotypes that I too as a gay person have. I preach so much about letting go of gay/straight stereotypes, but yeah I have some work to do too.

_ _ _ _ _


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