Wrap Your Rocket

We’re always told to use a condom.

To wrap that dick up when we sleep with someone. ANYONE.

On World Aids Awareness Day: we’re always reminded to use condoms.

In health seminars, campaigns, Religion Class (though I think abstinence was what the teacher recommended), the same message is always repeated: “Use it”. “Stay Safe”. “Wear a condom!”.

On every IDAHO: condoms are handed out like candy.

So why is it that so many people DON’T use condoms?

I’m talking about some friends who somehow forget to use condoms, even after nagging on them before their dates to stay safe.

“But I go limp after putting the condom on”.

“But it’s not as hard anymore”.

“But I don’t feel a thing after I put it on”.

Excuses, excuses.

Really, dude. Would you send your soldier to battle without protection? NO!

Yeah, she might move slower cause of the heavy armor. But she needs it. Your soldier needs it!


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One thought on “Wrap Your Rocket

  1. Aline C January 12, 2013 / 5:11 pm

    you speak the truth 🙂

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