Nour & Gabriel get a wet kiss. Rami & Jaber get an uncomfortable erotic spanking.

Some awesome people tweet awesome stuff about gays. Love those!

But other judgmental people (you might be awesome, too, on some occasions) get it so so wrong. And I’m glad to tweet back to them that they fucked up. They deserve a fucking spanking from a gay guy. But they won’t enjoy it if they don’t keep an open mind. Word.

Thanks Nour for this tweet. Hope one day we’ll see fluttering gay pride flags on buildings, and not just rainbow bracelets.

Also thanks to Gabriel for giving Marwan Charbel a piece of his mind. The minister should stop sticking his nose in theaters where gay men jerk off and actually chase after legit criminals.

As for Rami. Enrique’s concert WAS the gayest concert ever ONLY cause i’m assuming there were so many gay boys who wanted to kiss sexy Enrique (he’s so…Muy Caliente). But no it wasn’t “gayest” in the sense that it was “bad”. You can say “baddest” eza baddak, not “gayest”. Don’t be whack.

Jaber. Jaber. Jaber. You’re tweet is the wrongest thing that’s happened since Lara Kay decided to launch a singing career. So what if young boys like Justin Bieber? So WHAT if they’re insanely gay? What if you had a little brother who likes Justin Bieber and MIGHT be gay? Would you really want to make him feel like crap because he likes a boy who just 3 years ago sounded like Natasha Bedingfield? Justin Bieber’s fucking Selena Gomez. Who have YOU fucked this week?

Keep being awesome. And keep on fucking up. See you soon.

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One thought on “Nour & Gabriel get a wet kiss. Rami & Jaber get an uncomfortable erotic spanking.

  1. Riham October 6, 2012 / 7:15 pm

    I went to the gayest concert ever. It was full of gay people. At the end, the artists gave a shout to all the gay people in the city. Everyone clapped. We all danced.
    (It was Scissor Sisters, if you’re wondering)

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