Plea to Bardo DJ: “Step away from the turntable, sweetheart”

Going to Bardo every weekend was so fun…up until recently.

I used to really like going there for the good music that made me shake it till I broke a rib. Dude, I used to go back home sweatin like a pig.

But recently, and I speak of Saturday nights, it’s been bad and boring.


Bad bad music.

Everyday there’s great new music getting released, and yet the Bardo DJ insists on playing the SAME music, the same OLD music, every Saturday. What’s worse? It’s always in the same order as the previous week.

These are just some of the SAME songs that you hear every week:

Macarena (circa 1995)
Cotton-Eyed Joe (circa 1994)
Only Girl in The World (circa 2010)
2oul Tani Kida (circa I’m too ashamed to google)
Titanium (nba77 sawte add ma ghanneyta hal ghenniye. khalas ba2a)
Objection (Tango)

So please, Saturday Bardo DJ, I urge you to update your playlist. Fuck the Macarena and same shit you play. It doesn’t take that much to illegally download some NEW hit songs. You’re really fucking up my Saturday nights, doll! I know you got it in you…just try!

ps: You will witness a 50% improvement in your performance by using “Shuffle”

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One thought on “Plea to Bardo DJ: “Step away from the turntable, sweetheart”

  1. Mish August 23, 2012 / 6:02 pm

    I haven’t been to bardo not even once this summer 😦
    But I remember dancing on these songs on my birthday which happens to be in april O.o a change is much needed

    PS to bardo: keep on playing macarena :p

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