It’s something I never thought I would do.

Not because it’s shameful or degrading. But because it’s so uncomfortable.

Who would anyone want to hump on a rock? Who would anyone want to hump in public and be at risk of getting caught with their pants down?

But that’s a risk I was willing to take when I met this guy. He wasn’t hot or pretty. But he was straight acting. And that’s something that always turns me on even if you look like this. Wait…that is kinda hot actually.

We met in the busy streets of Zalka. He was turned on by the hard on I had under my jeans and I was turned on that he was turned on. But we didn’t have any place to do it cause we don’t live alone. He begged for us to go to the Marina in Dbayeh. And he was right; it is the place you go to to grab a quick “bite” when you don’t have a place. But I wasn’t that desperate! Ummm, yeah. I totally was.

After his endless pleading, I was like “WTF…let’s just go”. What’s the worst that could happen? We get arrested and detained in Hbeich prison and get raped by hot Lebanese soldiers? Bring it”.

We park the car somewhere in Marina and walk towards “the rocks” next to the sea, which are basically big cement rocks piled on top of each other.

Oooh…We’re not the only ones there. A girl and a boy are also there getting cozy.

The sun has set and we wait till it’s kinda dark. We start looking for a place to do our business. After jumping from rock to rock, we finally settle on a spot. I try to hold my balance cause one foot is on one rock and another foot is on another rock. We start kissing for like a second…cause we’re not there for kissing. We quickly unbutton our jeans, drop them to the ground, and start sucking each other off. He had a good one. Cut. Average. Very suckable.
As I expected… it was uncomfortable. Always looking up to see if someone’s there.
“Who’s there? Nevermind, it’s the water splashing under us”.
“Nope. Just a rat”.

I reach out for my pocket and take out a condom. “Right here?”. He was puzzled, I think. How I went from “no I don’t go to Marina” to “let’s fuck like rabbits”. But I wanted it and I needed to have it. I put the condom on his dick. Obviously, there’s no lube so I spit on it.

I try to get it in but it’s not lubricated enough. Then the fucker does the unthinkable. He just pushes it in like an idiot. I moan. No, not the good kind. The guy forgot that I have an asshole and not a vagina. I wish I had a vagina. You have to go in slowly when it’s an asshole. Instead of slapping him, I remind myself that I want it. I try to put it in again, and I succeed…for two whole seconds. Apparently…he came. Now listen. I’m no stallion myself. At all. But if you’re a 2 second man…don’t top. He wasn’t proud that he came early. Then he finishes me off. All over the rocks. I feel sorry for anyone who has to sit there.

He’s done. I’m done. We’re done. The whole thing took 5 minutes.
We pull our pants up and I climb up for air. He follows after a while so you know…it’s not that obvious that we just had gay sex.

As I climb up, I see a guy down there at the shore, probably with some other guy. They were probably boning too. Or fishermen. I also see that straight couple I saw earlier. They’re looking my way. I’m sure they know what I just did. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t make my pace faster. Not because it’s shameful or degrading. But because it’s so uncomfortable.