The Pitfall of Monogamy

To have one person you go home to.

To cuddle with. To spoon with.

To talk to him after a rough day at work and bitch about your stupid manager.

To have one person you wake up to in the morning and eat corn flakes together.

To be with someone so long that your friends tell you you’re starting to resemble each other.

It’s all very nice.

*Shift scene to four years later*

You’re on your first date with a guy after your long term monogamous relationship.

You’re on your knees unzipping his pants.

“Oooh uncut. My ex didn’t have all this extra meat. What do I do with it?”

You do what you know best.

You lick his balls.

Cause that’s what made your ex moan so hard.

You lick and lick. No response. No moan.

You suck on those balls. No response. No moan.

You look up to him with one ball in your mouth like a dog waiting for approval. Nothing.

“How could it be that this guy doesn’t like to get his balls licked?! My ex loved it! Aren’t all guys the same?!”

Yeah, not really.

So it hits you.

You’ve spent the last four years of your life thinking you’ve mastered the art of sex cause you’ve had it everyday for four years, when in reality, you’ve just mastered the art of sex with that one…person…


_ _ _


3 thoughts on “The Pitfall of Monogamy

  1. BiSexual January 29, 2012 / 8:42 pm

    I really adore this post cause it talks about a lot of us.

    We think that we have mastered it, while the fact is that we mastered it in accordance to this guy. This case had happened with me many times but still was able to find what makes us up high 😉

    keep it going (Y)

  2. gaytheist January 30, 2012 / 12:41 am

    I liked this post, and I believe what you’re talking about is so true, but through the title I though you’d be talking about other stuff as well

  3. ali kola February 1, 2012 / 9:52 am

    حبيت حبيت حبيت حبيت البووووست من كل قلبي انا اتابعك من زماااان والنضج في الكتابة والبورد في التعبير والتفصيل المتسارع في احداث المشهد وحديث النفس كله كله كله جميل
    والعبرة اجمل من كل شي .. =)

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