Best & Worst Gay Tweets

There are some well-written tweets out there that spark a conversation about gay Lebanon or that show some support to the trans/homo/bi community!

Congrats to the three below tweeps for making it on the list!

(This in no way suggests that the tweeps are gay themselves or even gay supporters! For example, @JohnyFarrina could just be asking @HaririSaad if he agrees gays should be given equal  rights. It’s just a question, not a declaration of support.)

And now…to the bad tweets of the week…

Ay, ay, ay. People…

You should learn that “gay” isn’t an adjective you use when you want to imply something is “bad”.

And if you do, come on, you should know better.

Nonetheless, congrats for making it on the list!

(This in no way suggests that the below tweeps are straight or antigay. There are many gays out there who use the fucked up “that’s so gay” expression)

See you next Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Best & Worst Gay Tweets

  1. hishamad January 17, 2012 / 11:04 am

    Loved this post.
    It hurts to see ignorant people using the term GAY in the wrong place, it hurts me as much as when people use the term “SESOBEL” to describe someone who is acting foolishly or 3am yethabbal.

    PEOPLE SHOULD BE EDUCATED, ENOUGH WITH IGNORANCE (that also applies to women’s rights too)

    and btw, my tweet was wrong, it should have been, “You CAN’T be gay..” or “You can be gay in lebanon ONLY IF you got some serious talent…”

  2. yasmine January 17, 2012 / 12:48 pm

    Well, in all honesty, regardless if someone is homosexual or not, they have a right to ask the questions since their loved ones are. There should be more education about tolerance in Lebanon. Then again it is unfortunate that they can’t tolerate each other’s religious backgrounds so how can we expect them to not be bigots?

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