Grab your cross and garlic. Those singers are the devil incarnated!

LMFAO’s concert in Lebanon recently got boycotted because the band received death threats from some pissed off Christians.


The video of the party rock anthem of the summer, called “Party Rock Anthem”, features a blinged out dancing Jesus.

I’m impressed that the people who were offended by the LMFAO video even KNEW that there’s a dancing Jesus in the video! Seems like extremely religious people can be into pop culture too! Good for them.

All I have to say about that is just…LMFAO.

This got me thinking…

Who else would be boycotted for religious reasons?



Reason: “Like A Prayer” video. Burning crosses and making out with a black Jesus in a Church.


Reason: Fondling a priest.


(so their lead singer is dead? I’m still crossin my fingers they would reunite)

Reason: The band’s “Stay Away” contains the lyric: “Stay away. God is gay”.


Reason: They have a song called “Jesus Of Suburbia”. As you may know, Jesus is actually from Nazareth, not Suburbia.

Lady Gaga?

Reason: Bitch likes to have rosary for breakfast.

Kanye West?

Reason: The guy thinks he IS Jesus.

Anyone else you’d like to add on this list?

If we keep going at this rate, not one band or singer will be able to perform in this sacred sacred country of ours.

Oh wait!

There’s always Barry Manilow! Everyone likes him. Right? Right?


Reason: When asked if he believed in God, he said: “Yes. His name is Clive Davis, and he’s the head of my record company.”

Too bad. My dad likes Manilow.

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One thought on “Grab your cross and garlic. Those singers are the devil incarnated!

  1. Aline C September 28, 2011 / 8:00 pm

    lol bitch likes to have rosary for breakfast 😀

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