A A L I Y A H

                      1979 – 2001

“It’s been too long and I’m lost without you.
What am I gonna do? Said I been needin you, wantin you.
Wonderin if you’re the same and who’s been with you.
Is your heart still mine? I wanna cry sometimes.
I miss you…”






4 thoughts on “A A L I Y A H

    • BeirutBoy August 26, 2011 / 9:59 am

      A lot of RnB artists credit her for pavin the way. Her songs are rly amazing, from the slow jams to the hip hop. 10x 4 the comment Rudy.

  1. Fady Roumieh August 26, 2011 / 6:59 pm

    Goosebumps… Still my favourite voice in RnB! RIP..

  2. Adriana talks to you August 27, 2011 / 2:58 pm

    Aaliyah, woman with mission and style ! Only Alicia Keys can compare 🙂

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