Ziad Njeim Respects Gays

Lebanese Journalist Ziad Njeim once said this statement:

“Who said that a relationship between man & woman is the only truth”?

When he appeared on MTV’s “Mesh Ghalat” hosted by Wissam Breidy, he was asked about that statement.

Njeim defended his point of view and said:

“I am not for the relationship between two men and two women, but I respect the relationship between two men and two women because I think that each person is free. I am free to think the way I want to think, and I am against the presence of a law that penalizes such relationships.”

It takes a lot to be a public personality in Lebanon & declare a non-judgmental view towards gays.

Go Ziad!

Watch the video below to see his full answer.

6 thoughts on “Ziad Njeim Respects Gays

  1. Tony June 20, 2011 / 3:37 pm

    Much respect for this guy. We need more public figures on our side and hes a pioneer with balls.

  2. BiSexual June 20, 2011 / 7:41 pm

    I adore this guy, he is 1 in a million (Y)

  3. NOH8 June 21, 2011 / 7:36 pm

    We need more people like him in Lebanon. Well said Ziad!!

  4. Mat July 5, 2011 / 1:03 am

    I wish my late mom would hear this… She died 2 years ago and still hoped I would change…

    • BeirutBoy July 8, 2011 / 4:26 pm

      I hope one day u can come to terms with that… Thanks for the comment Mat.

      • Mat July 16, 2011 / 10:17 pm

        Thanks… BeirutBoy… Keep on the good work!

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