How would you design a bra?

Are you a fashion designer? Graphic designer? Artist? Someone who has an eye for fashion?

This is your chance to show your skills in a design competition.

It’s simple, really.

Design a bra or a t-shirt. If your design wins:

– you will win very cool prizes
– your design will be featured in a fashion show
– your design might be manufactured & get distributed in the market

How cool is that?

Not to mention, you’ll be raising awareness to a special cause in the process 🙂

The competition is organized by Bras for a Cause (Middle East), in partnership with Fustany & One Wig Stand, to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The reality is: women who have had a mastectomy in their fight against breast cancer find it hard to find the right bra, especially in the Middle East. And even if it’s available, it is not affordable to many women.

Bras for a Cause aims to change that!

Thanks to your creative bra & tshirt designs, this campaign will hopefully find a solution to this problem, and support women who have fought breast cancer or are still fighting it.

— — — — —

For more info about this contest, check the campaign’s website or Facebook page.

Design Submission Deadline: June 19

There are 5 categories to choose from:

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