Song of the week: Personal Jesus

This week’s jam is “Personal Jesus“!

Though it was released by Depeche Mode in 1989, I prefer Marilyn Manson’s 2004 cover any day!

Song of the week: Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson

Rock out!

Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer
Take second best
Put me to the test
Things on your chest
That we need to confess
I will deliver
You know I’m a forgiver
Reach out and touch faith


5 thoughts on “Song of the week: Personal Jesus

  1. eliefares April 10, 2011 / 11:26 pm

    I actually like the Johnny Cash version the most.

    • BeirutBoy April 11, 2011 / 2:42 pm

      I gave that a listen this morning =) it’s good!

  2. Danielle April 11, 2011 / 11:33 pm

    Have to agree with Elias..

    Ahhh Marilyn..what a freakshow!

  3. Nareg Slikhanian April 19, 2011 / 11:46 pm

    I really love Hilary Duff’s “modified” version of this song!
    Reach out and TOUCH MAYY!

    • BeirutBoy April 20, 2011 / 3:14 pm

      I like that one! I thought it was an original song by Hilary actually. I didn’t know it was by Depeche Mode then by Manson.

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