Gay Myth #5: All lesbians are butch.


A common stereotype for gay women is that they’re butch.

When many people hear the word “lesbian”, they automatically picture a woman who doesn’t put make up, doesn’t wear girly clothes, and has a very deep voice.

But that’s not true.

There are lesbians who are girly, and there are lesbians who are very in touch with their masculine qualities.

– Some lesbians are very feminine girly girls who wear sexy dresses, put make up on, and wear lingerie.

– Other lesbians wear loose-fitting jeans, boxers, and don’t really care about make up.

It’s not necessary for a lesbian to be strictly this or that…strictly masculine or feminine.

People come in different shapes, sizes, and fashion statements 😛 

image 1; image 2

2 thoughts on “Gay Myth #5: All lesbians are butch.

  1. fellow_walker March 27, 2012 / 12:25 pm

    i’d like to add that a real myth is the so widely held conception that a couple should consist of a butch and a femme lesbian… femme/femme and even butch/butch are equally common (ok, the latter maybe a little less encountered) but they do exist as well- we should never put labels specially among “us” (i’m a lesbian myself) when “out there” we try not to make labels categorize us…. for instance, i am str8looking, long hair etc with a “dykey” soul, rather active/versatile in character but i am pretty much attracted by “butches” (i care about the sensitive soul and the “match” in between us…..)

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