Song of the Week: Loca

Song of the Week: Loca - Shakira ft. Dizzee Rascal

This song has been out for a long time now. But I ain’t bored of it yet! Whenever I’m kinda down, all I need to do is play Shakira’s Loca!

Awesome clip too. 3anjadd she acts all LOCA!

“And I’m crazy but you like it…LOCO LOCO LOCO!”

I ain’t leavin’ you alone
What is meant for me…No other girl is gonna take
So keep them off
And I’m crazy, but you like it. Loca, loca, loca
You like that it ain’t easy. Loca, loca, loca

Watch the crazy video HERE!

One thought on “Song of the Week: Loca

  1. Danielle November 21, 2010 / 5:08 pm

    I love her. She’s so sexy..a true example of a woman.

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