Madonna Hates Penises?


Madonna on RS (June 13, 1991)


Carrie: Who told you about sex, your father?

Madonna: Who did tell me? My stepmother told me, and I remember I was horrified. I was ten and had just started my period. It was like “Okay, we better tell her.” I remember my stepmother was in the kitchen, and I was washing the dishes. Every time she said the word penis, I’d turn the water on really hard so it would drown out what she said. I thought what she was telling me was horrifying, absolutely horrifying. And I hated the word. I just hated the whole thing.

For the full 1991 Madonna interview, go here.

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3 thoughts on “Madonna Hates Penises?

  1. Dyone October 22, 2010 / 6:36 pm

    Off course she was horrified! Her stepmom told her about sex. Hello, stepmom! The combination of your parents and sex. That is horrifying. Whenever my mom feels the need to tell me about sex I always run away :’)

    • BeirutBoy October 22, 2010 / 6:40 pm


      Come to think of it…our parents have been havin sex wayyy before we were even born…so maybe we could use their advice, right? 😛

      …Just doin this to freak ya out Dyone 😛

      • Dyone October 22, 2010 / 6:44 pm

        UUWHH NASTY!

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