For my Girls and Gays

Lots of people love to love Zac Efron.

Other loves to hate him.

Personally I’ve fantasized about him once or twice…but that was like AGES ago.

I’ve grown out of my Efron obsession, I promise you. Until I see him shirtless, that is.

For my girls and gays who still lust over this “I’m not a boy, not yet a man”, here’s Zac in the latest Details magazine spread along with:

– Him kissing a guy which started all those gay rumors

(Update: A GuyMeetsWorld reader pointed out to me that it’s just a Zac lookalike. I did more research and he’s right. It’s not really Zac in the picture! Thanks for spoilin that pic for me and every gay guy in the world. I’m keepin the pic for my gays who wonder what it would look like IF Zac ever kissed a guy)

– A shirtless pose. Fucking HOTTE.

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