Don’t Urinate on this Street!

It is very common to see people urinate publicly in Lebanon.

I’m not even surprised anymore when I see an old man with his dick out peeing on a wall…on a busy Beirut street!

Those are some of the many notices on Emile Edde St. (Sanayeh) put by local Lebanese men who are sick and tired of public urinators.

Those men were actually sititn next to the wall where those papers were posted. They cheered on as I took those pics.

“Warning: Don’t urinate here.
Danger of getting diseases and germs and getting caught on camera”

“A bathroom at your home provides comfort, safety, and privacy.
The choice is yours.
You have been warned, etc…”

“Don’t you understand that you should not pee here?
Courtesy is a virtue.”

One thought on “Don’t Urinate on this Street!

  1. Jad Aoun July 29, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    Never thought it was that bad in Lebanon, I mean compared to what I saw in India. But I do love the signs. Now all they need is to add a non-functioning camera in the vicinity and their set.

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