Most Ignorant Blogger I Have Ever Encountered (so far)

So yesterday I was looking through the WordPress forum and I came across a blog that caught my eye.

There was one article on that blog that I really liked so I commented, you know, just to give a little heads up 🙂

The author of that blog then checks out the comment I posted on his blog, visits my blog, clicks on one of my blog posts, and notices that a “Joseph” has posted a comment.

Well…the thing is…his name is also Joseph.

Confused as to how come Joseph’s username doesn’t carry a link to it, he contacts me and tells me to remove the post made by “Joseph” cause that’s his name.

Then he posts the following on his blog:

“On [guymeetsworld’s] blog I found someone used my real name, and took the liberty of leaving a comment with a heart emoticon. It was a pro gay homosexual blog. I certainly don’t condemn homosexuals, but I don’t condone their lifestyle either.

The comment left on that blog had no link to my blog. I’m baffled how the owner of that pro gay homosexual blog found his way to my blog, and commented.”

I seriously donno what is up with this guy.

Maybe he’s arrogant or self centered to think he’s the only Joseph in the world, which is home to almost 7 billion inhabitants, mind you.

Maybe he’s paranoid and feels like someone is out to get him.

Maybe he’s a homophobe who thinks Josephs shouldn’t post a comment on a “pro gay blog” as he put it.

All I know is, this post ends here.


Fine, it ends here.


Update: The blogger has apologized to me and posted a public apology on his blog.

12 thoughts on “Most Ignorant Blogger I Have Ever Encountered (so far)

  1. christiangrblr July 28, 2010 / 9:38 pm

    this seriously made me giggle aah some people. Good post BTW hahaa ignorance FTW?

  2. Joseph July 29, 2010 / 1:45 am

    oh wow. Makes me want to abuse the ❤ emoticon even more.

    If I may quote my friend:
    'I thought my mom was so creative. She was the first to name me Joseph. I can't believe this! THEY STOLE MY NAME'

  3. Nic July 29, 2010 / 11:11 am

    Very ignorant indeed!! At least he apologized though …

  4. Danielle July 29, 2010 / 1:24 pm

    I saw this yesterday..and I couldn’t help but think to myself..”seriously?” Does he really think he is the only guy named Joseph out there? It was too stupid to warrant a comment..and to think he posted an entire entry on his blog talking about malicious bloggers? That is just too much.

  5. jaco223 July 29, 2010 / 2:04 pm

    BB …

    I’m that most ignorant blogger. I thought we worked this out privately. I apologised to you profusely. It was wrong of me to use the term pro gay homosexual blog. I retracted my post, and turned it into a public apology, I immediately approved your comment, came back here and commented on Madonna. I’m not a homophobe, as I have some friends who are gay. I was insensitive to use those words. Totally wrong and insensitive. Again I will say I’m so sorry I did that. I had so some problem with another blogger recently. I won’t go into all the details here. So I thought they were fucking with me. I jumped to conclusions. That was waaaay wrong of me to do. I don’t know why I thought that Joseph was me ..I think I was thrown off …in your comment on my blog …you said my “comments” were inspiring …I took that to mean maybe some comment I left here. so when I saw Joseph I jumped the gun ..again I’m sorry I did that. That’s where the misunderstanding started. Then I came here this morning to find some reading, and I see this ….well, I guess I deserve this ..Arrogant? No actually I’m not. I’m humble, and full of humility ….after I’d only been blogging for 29 days one of my posts made it to Freshly Pressed, I won’t even tell you which one. Self Centered? No I’m not that either ..I was a very successful English teacher in China…very successful. I loved all of my students so much so I taught those who could not afford the school fees for free in my own free time. Sometimes teaching eight hours a day. I am a recovering crack addict, now I give service to those still sick and suffering, helping them, those that want help back to sanity. I don’t get paid for that work. To all of your readers, to those that commented I am truly sorry. If you don’t accept my apology, well…I guess I deserve that …No BB I’m not paranoid ..I just a frail human being who made a mistake. Wishing you continued success with your blog BB …


    • BeirutBoy July 31, 2010 / 9:37 am

      It takes a lot to admit that ur wrong & I accept ur apology.

      I have no hard feelings for u at all.

      Thanks for ur good wishes and I wish you continue writing good posts.

      Isn’t that what got us into all this?

      Me commenting on a post which I thought u wrote rly well.

      • jaco223 July 31, 2010 / 4:22 pm


        Thanks. Yes I suppose that’s what got all of this started. I’m strong enough to admit when I’m wrong, Clearly I was so very wrong. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson. I will grow from that mistake. BB you seem like an awesome, and very good person with a big, and forgiving heart. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you ….BB.
        Perhaps I made a new friend. I wish you all the success in the world BB.
        Someone once said …We should be giants, because giant people have giant hearts!
        And in a giant heart there’s room enough for everyone, if your heart is constrained, and in straits, if your heart is small there’s not even room enough for ourselves. We should have magnanimous hearts …Well, BB I think you’re a giant!

        Wishing You All The Best,

  6. Aline C July 29, 2010 / 9:14 pm

    I was so tempted to comment as a Joseph.

  7. abaretruth August 10, 2010 / 4:52 pm

    This incident is so funny. He took the term “Narcisstic” to a new level

  8. Josephine September 15, 2010 / 7:59 am

    We’re only 7 million?

    • BeirutBoy September 15, 2010 / 9:35 am


      I’ll fix it to 7 Billion!

      Thanks a lot Josephine! 🙂

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