Edward + Jacob = Multiple Orgasms. Umm…Bella who?

Oh, the worldwide dilemma: Edward or...Jacob?

So I watched Eclipse in ABC Ashrafieh in the weekend.

The verdict?

My friend can surely have an orgasm without being touched.

Oh yeah…and the movie’s good too!

I thought it was only 14 year old girls and boys who lusted over Edward and Jacob.

But no!

My 24 year old friend [who has read all 4 books of the Twilight Saga, mind you] had multiple orgasms whenever romantic Edward and shirtless Jacob appeared on screen. And trust me, that Jacob guy was shirtless during most of the movie’s running time! Not that anyone’s complainin…

I was impressed with the audience who watched the movie. There was not a sound! Not a whisper! Just my friend’s “Ooooooh”s, “Aaaaaaaaah”s, “Oh yeahhhhhhh”s, “Oh my Gawwwwwdd”s, and “No, not in front of Edwardddddd”s.

Jacob definitely stole the show from Edward this time around, and the crowd went BALLISTIC when he kisses Bella! In a weird way, it was like watching romantic porn.

In conclusion:

  • If you’ve ever loved someone who doesn’t love you back
  • If you’ve ever loved two boys at the same time
  • If you’ve ever been afraid to have sex with someone in fears that you might kill them in the heat of the passion because you’re a vampire and the person you’re havin sex with is this beautiful fragile human  being [been there, done that, right?]

Then you will totally relate to the movie.

Yalla, go see it!

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