Star Academy contestant & 62 year old man pass away in car crash.

Rami and Mahmoud - contestants fromStar Academy Season 7

Rami Chemaly & Mahmoud Shoukri, two of this year’s Star Academy contestants [season 7], were involved in a car accident in Egypt.

Rami (Lebanese) was the one driving and passed away, while Mahmoud (Egyptian) is in critical condition, according to

The 62 year old man who crashed with Rami died while his wife is in critical condition.

I’m not reporting this cause Rami and Mahmoud are popular contestants on a popular show.

Fuck that shit.

Two people died today from something totally preventable. Thousands of people also die every single fuckin day from car crashes. I know someone who’s died from a car crash. You know someone who has died from a car crash. It’s really sad…when they’re totally preventable.

And you may tell me “It’s all written” or “Everything happens for a reason”…and it may be true…but still. When people who have lots to offer are gone too soon…that’s just fucked up.

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